Polish Federation of Curling Clubs is a non-profit organization that carries out tasks related to the popularization and development of curling in Poland. The federation was founded in December 2010. Currently, it is the largest sports association in this sport in Poland.

Our mission

The mission of the Polish Federation of Curling Clubs is to promote and develop curling in Poland. The Federation establishes the strategy for growth of curling in our country, assuring the development of current and future generations of athletes. PFKC aims to provide member clubs with appropriate conditions for conducting the training process by conducting camps and training for players, instructors, ice-masters and judges. The organization of nationwide  tournaments, leagues and other competitions gives the opportunity to compete to all players representing recreational or professional level.

The Federation strives to popularize curling in Poland by supporting existing clubs and communities interested in establishing curling clubs. Maintaining contacts with media and constant presence in social media allows aims at building the recognition of this sport. PFKC also takes steps to cooperate with institutions, organizations and private entities in order to develop sports infrastructure and secure financing for implementation of statutory goals.

Young athletes take a special place in our mission, thus PFKC strives to develop curling from the junior level. Sport activity, in addition to preparation for competition at the highest world level, also allows to draw attention to the important role of physical activity from an early age. The idea of ​​fair play, which we follow in curling, can also benefit everyday life and develop the right habits.

Member clubs associated in PFKC conduct also training and sport events in wheelchair curling – with the participation of people with locomotor disabilities (Paralympic discipline) as well as deaf people. The Federation tries to ensure training conditions corresponding to the highest standards for all players, including players with disabilities.