Polish Curling League

Polish Curling League (PCL) is the highest division in the league system developed by Polish Curling Club's Federation. The aim of PCL is to create a competitive playing system which will stimulate both performance and organisational aspects of curling in Poland.

PCL consists of Women's and Men's Divisions. Participating teams can be found here.

Teams in both Women's and Men's Divisions play a single Round Robin. Upon conclusion, final standings are decided by: points (win: 2 points, tie: 1 point, loss: 0 points), the result of the head-to-head game (only in case of two tied teams), net ends scored, net stones scored, ends scored, stones scored. 

Best women's team and best men's team claim the title of Polish Curling League Champions and money prize of, respectively, 2000 and 3000 PLN on condition that the amount is spent on a curling bonspiel abroad.

Three lowest-ranked teams from the Men’s Division will be relegated to the Level 2 League (one of the Regional Leagues). Their places will be filled by the best teams from the Regional Leagues (one from the KKC League, one from the Bełchatów Curling League, provided that they finished ranked in the top halves of the respective tables) and the best men’s team from the Polish Curling Club’s Federation Cup, which is not entitled to play in the PCL otherwise. The above advancement rules are also valid for the PCL Women’s Division. In the 2014/2015 season, however, none of the women’s teams will be relegated to lower division.

The PCL games take place on weekends from mid-December to the end of February. The games schedule can be found here.